Guest Bashobi for a homestay in Tivoli, Italy

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Hello, I’m Bashobi! I am looking for a homestay.

Hello~ My name is Bashobi, and I am from India. I am a 32-year old student, and I plan to visit Tivoli, Rome, Italy for Study abroad/Exchange studentfrom 2019-08-30 to 2019-11-30. I wish to have Meals, Laundry, Internet. I hope to meet a nice homestay family and make good memories.

Personal information (Name, Age, Occupation, etc)

Bashobi (32/Female)



Study abroad/Exchange student

Preferred accommodation (Price, Preferred service(s))

EUR 20

Meals , Laundry , Internet

Travel detailes (Destination, Periods of stay)

Tivoli, Rome, Italy

2019-08-30 ~ 2019-11-30